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Marshall Creek Ranch’s Lessons Camp is exciting and jam-packed, with activities that fill each and every day of camp.  If you like nature, amazing views, and beautiful horses, our lesson camp is the perfect choice to begin your summer with. Please visit our FAQ section to answer any questions you may have.

Seats will fill fast, so…….LET’S GET READY TO RIDE!!!!

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Summer Lessons are divided into different sessions based on age and skill level.  Be sure and read the session descriptions to assist you in choosing the appropriate age and riding level.

Session I

Session I

This session is designed for the inexperienced rider. Either you’ve never ridden a horse at all, or you’ve only ridden a few times at a stable or...

Session II

Session II

This session is for the intermediate rider. You must successfully complete a Marshall Creek Ranch Session I Lessons Camp, or have completed...

Session III

Session III

This session is for the intermediate rider who has completed a Marshall Creek Ranch Session II Camp. We are very aware of your abilities and...


Our third child can’t wait for this summer so she can go to horse camp like her older sisters. This is all she talks about. We need stock in MCR

Lydia C.Coppell, TX

I wish our son got up and dressed every day as quick as he does for horse camp. He is actually dressed and ready each day before our alarm goes off!! LOL

William H.Mesquite, TX

We were so impressed with your program. Your level of safety, your exciting itinerary, the amount of skill learned in a week. You guys are awesome! And Katy will always love Freckles.

Miriam Y.Southlake, TX

I think Abby’s favorite part of camp this past week was seeing all the wildlife. She is STILL talking about the deer skeleton out in the woods. She also saw a Great Horned Owl and a rabbit. Now she wants to be a Trail Guide! Great memories.

Janice B.Keller, TX

Lauren’s grandparents were able to attend the show on Friday night. We were astounded at what she had learned! She had never been on a horse before and she was trotting around the arena like she had ridden for years! What a fun place.

Matthew and Cassie V. Lewisville, TX

Cole barely makes it through dinner and a bath and he is fast asleep by 7:30 each night. No video games, no TV. Wish we had a horse and a barn in our own back yard. Thanks for the best week ever. Will be back soon!

Emily J.Trophy Club, TX

I know my daughter loves every single horse at the ranch, but as a parent, I just wanted to pass on that I love how you run your facility. It is a well-oiled machine, with organization, structure, fun, excitement, safety, and hugs. Yes, hugs. I think that’s my favorite part. Thank you for giving Ellie a hug and telling her what a great job she was doing. She’s never been so proud. I’m tearing up even as I type this. Thank you for giving her pride in something.

Lila M.Euless, TX

Thanks to you and the Wranglers for the greatest week ever. We had no idea she would learn so much. She filled the entire car ride home each day with story after story and schooled us on “very important” safety lessons that she learned in class. She LOVES knowing more than we do about the subject of horses. Can’t wait to come back and do a trail ride with the whole family. You’re right, you DO make memories.

Kalista J. Justin, TX

My daughter wants to know if she can take Kahlua home after camp. She is convinced he would love living in her room, and she is more than willing to do ALL her chores to make enough money to buy his food. Not looking forward to dragging her away at the end of camp. Hahaha

Ubaldo R. The Colony, TX

After watching our girls in Session I this week, my wife would like to know if you would consider doing an adult summer camp. The two of us will sign up asap!

Nathan L.Frisco, TX
Our Prices
Session I
$550per week

  • Beginner Rider
  • Control your horse
  • Relax in Saddle
  • Ground Work
  • Walk/Trot

Session II
$550per week

  • Intermediate Rider
  • Advanced Control
  • Comfortable in Saddle
  • Obstacles / Creek Crossings
  • Walk/Trot/Canter/Bareback

Session III
$550per week

  • Advanced Control
  • Confidence / Obstacles
  • Walk/Trot/ Canter/Bareback
  • Lengthy Excursions
  • Swimming Bareback